Toroso, a combination of Toro and Oso (“bull” and “bear” in Spanish) are terms often used to describe the ups and downs of the market and economy.

Toroso Investments is an investment advisory firm designed for today’s investor seeking core asset allocation and income strategies that are intended to perform well in all economic climates. Our portfolios are constructed exclusively of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) to take advantage of the increased liquidity, transparency and lower costs over mutual funds.  The ETP market has grown exponentially over the past five years with a growth rate of 27% per year, easily overtaking the mutual
fund industry whose growth has declined to just 5% per year. *

Toroso’s experts provide investment strategies to our clients that –

  • Express a client’s economic point of view
  • Provide consistency with a client’s true risk tolerance
  • Comply with a client’s actual investment time horizon

*BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, June 2011



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